Monday, March 23, 2009

Being Touched By Those Who Are Touched

Being in the bath and body business makes me happy. Creating has always made me happy, but noticed I stated 'business'. Sometimes the business of things can make you anxious, overwhelmed, sad, confused, frustrated (yes, I have been on your blog reading your post). In previous blog post I have shared how I had to willingly overcome certain obstacles to get to here and now. My skin is much tougher now. Smell Goods will be in its 11th year this coming April! However, four years into this, I decided that I was no longer going to look to the left nor right of me, I would keep on a steady path of "Why are you doing this?"

Wealth! When expressing wealth, I am not referring to being rich. To have financial freedom. To not be burden by things that cannot happen, due to the lack of money. To not be dependent on and driven by credit. Philanthropy- to give back, something that I have always desired since a youth. To help my children with their present and future endeavors.

Building wealth isn't that easy, but it is not as challenging as being a selfless person.

Touching others. How can bath and body products touch others? Whatever is in your heart will become evident through whatever you do. When creating, my heart and mind is on the person that I am creating for. Last week was a heartwarming week for me. A video expressing how my products brought happiness and satisfaction. Two phone calls: 1) The caller shared how the Stay Sweet Collection touched the lives of two young girls in New Mexico. One who is going through hard times with her family and life. She lit up immediately, and was so touched. The other, a thirteen year old whose mother died suddenly just that day. When the products were given to her, I was told she transformed from a state of sadness to joy. When creating for these girls I enclosed a letter with words from my heart. I am glad that I followed my heart to do so. I believe the words were exactly what they needed to hear at that time. 2) A Smell Goods' first-timer from Syracuse, NY called me on Friday (what a way to close the week). "Hi my name is... I placed an order online and received it today. I just got into the house, I am so ecstatic that I can't even take my shoes off! I am happy with my purchase! My husband is so surprised that I just found you online and the products are great! This is wonderful and I will be returning!"

I enjoy giving of myself through what I do. All I could do was thank The Most High for happiness that was brought to those individuals. Reading the insert in India Arie's Testimony Vol. 2, she states how she found herself falling into the trap of being concerned about music charts and hit records, and was loosing sight of making good music. It is a challenge in being selfless, to maintain the joy in your talents and skills. In whatever you do use your heart, mind, and hands to bring about positive results in other's lives.