Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Say, "No".

Being a SAHM that works from home has its can spend time with your children. However, that can also be a hinderance. As business women, most of us have become accustomed to saying, "No", to things that are not productive. But when it comes to those big, wide eyes and precious smiles, well...... You can loose a lot of time catering to your child's every "please", wish, and want. If you are spending quality time with your child and creating life long memories with them, then your time away from them while operating your business should not affect them.

If you are having a challenge in this area here are some tips:
1) Make a "Mommy Time" schedule. Pencil in your time for work. Have child understand how that time looks on the clock. Post schedule in a central location.

2) An hour before work time start giving your child the countdown. "Mommy will start working in 45 minutes."

3) Don't start an activity that you know will run into your scheduled work time.

4) If your child is not a distraction and is older have them work with you. This will help them build a sense of importance and responsibility.

5) If your supportive spouse (always a plus) is at home during your work time, remind the child that daddy is their parent too and he can help with their needs.

6) Do not be afraid to tell your child, "No"!