Thursday, October 30, 2008

October 2008

What happened @ Smell Goods '98™ this month?

Raising Funds
I have a passion for empowering girls and young ladies. At the beginning of this year I made moves to reflect that passion by creating the Stay Sweet Collection for girls and young ladies. The Stay Sweet Collection is used to raise funds for grass-root organizations that are working diligently to help tween and teen girls to recognize their self-worth. I was very successful in raising funds for the first featured grass-root. However, I am not being very successful this time around. Here it is October 30th and in two days this fundraiser ends. I have blogged, posted to my many networks, sent personal emails, sent out monthly newsletters.... yet nothing! Well, tomorrow is another day, and I am very hopeful that in two days Smell Goods '98™ will be donating money to the featured grass-root.

If you are successful with raising funds, please share your tips with me, info(at)smellgoodspa(dot)com. I really want to be successful at this.

I've decided to contribute to the Sista Sampler. I was a bit apprehensive, because with samplers you tend to run into people who like "free stuff". Now there isn't anything totally wrong with that, but when an Indie is trying to grow a business by sending out free product, gaining a new customer is always rewarding. So if past samplers have not been rewarding why participate with the Sista Sampler? Two words: target market. The Sista Sampler is hosted by In The Company Of Sistas (ITCOS), an online networking group that brings merchants of color and consumers of color together.

I was contacted in September by Elise of The Jasmine Trust requesting product donations. The Jasmine Trust is an organization that trains Standard Poodle Service Dogs for the Disabled. Smell Goods '98™ has donated product for The Jasmine Trust's 4th Annual Auction.

I have submitted goodies for product review! In the quest for maintaining a strong online presence, I always try to stay on top of the "who's who" in bath and body review blogging. These bloggers cater to savvy bath and body enthusiasts. Submitting product has been very beneficial for Smell Goods '98™.

Customer Marketing
I work diligently on bringing attention to Smell Goods '98™, but I also put forth much effort to keep my customers. I can't expect my loyal customers to hang around just because they love the product. I always try to make my customers "fall in love" with Smell Goods '98™ over and over again. I have recently started Buy 2 get 1 Free Wednesdays! The response to this promo was very positive. I noticed that customers strayed away from their "norm" signature fragrance to try something new. Next month I will start the Scent of the Month promo, which I think they will enjoy!

I am very excited about this! In September I met a woman on one of my networking groups that also has a passion for empowering girls. Immediately we both saw the benefits of cross-marketing our businesses. This month we finalized our commitment. I look forward to sharing more with you soon.

What was on your plate this month? Any new ideas? Make any new contacts? I would love to read about it!