Monday, June 30, 2008

My Inspiration for Today

Reading over my list of all the things I need to do today: practice karate (blue belts) with warrior princesses, work on a few lessons with warrior princesses, fill Smell Goods' orders, touch base with business contacts, visit my online networks, exercise, etc. The Smell Goods' line rang, and a customer who placed an online order yesterday was on the other end. A new customer who found Smell Goods on Michael Baisden's MingleCity. So I decided to visit the boards to view how many other "black" Bath & Body retailers posted their information. I was curious because this isn't the first customer over the course of two weeks that found Smell Goods on those boards.

So getting to my inspiration. While on the boards I decided to visit These sistas are truly an inspiration. Smell Goods '98™ is coming ladies!


  1. Very good video, and inspiring as well. Good for them at Pooka. Good for you!

  2. Hi Itiel,

    Yes, very inspirational. Glad to see black women owning their own businesses and not relying on corporate america. For black women to move forward in business, we must network and rely on one another. Giving back is key! Thanks again for sharing.


  3. GailNHB: Thank you!

    Gottitravel: Yes,networking and relying on each other is the key for "black" women.

  4. Referral from Mingle City that is great. I love Pookas story and their video is inspirational. How are you and the warrior princess' doing?


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