Friday, February 1, 2008

Growing Germs!!

We enjoy applied learning! Home Science Tools is one of our favorite online sources for science kits. Last month's Young Science Explorers newsletter was all about Germs. My older child sent in a question about germs, and her question was picked and featured in the newsletter! Yay! Each newsletter has cool experiments for you to try out! Below is the experiment Growing Germs.

Put first slice of potato into a bag and mark Control.

Rub second potato all over on floor and mark bag Floor.

Take third potato outside and rub dirt on it.

Remove gloves and rub hands all over fourth potato.

Place bags in a dark cool place. Wait one week. Stay tune for our results!

Learning all the time!
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  1. I am definitely looking forward to seeing and hearing the results of the experiment. Cool idea with the counting varieties. Fun to see what you and the girls are up to in your homeschool. Yeah for all of you.

    Changed over to the soap and lush on my face yesterday. So far, so good. Smooth and clean and simple. I will get back to you with my order - why not take advantage of the sale???


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