Thursday, February 14, 2013

{American Idol} Remember the Lyrics, ladies. | Smell Good Spa™

Flashback: I was sitting in my fifth grade, social studies class, when I turned to see my classmate scratching her leg with a pen.  As I stared at her leg, she looked towards me with annoyance in her eyes.  Finally, she looked down at her leg.... The ball point wasn't retracted!  This time... a  look of embarrassment in her eyes. She "drew" this massive ink spot on her thigh. My mind went to all the times I heard, "You'll get poisoned." I think her thoughts went there too, because she put spit on her hand and started rubbing her thigh like crazy.  Everytime she needed spit, she'd put that same ink-stained hand on her tongue.   Yuck!  The things we did.

Fast-Foward: On last night's episode of American Idol, the female contestants made lyric notes on their hands and arms, to prevent from bombing in front of the judges. "I don't think that's safe - to put ink on your skin", said Warrior Princess Z. Hmmm, I went to the "wizard" (Google)....

In general, occasionally writing on skin with water-based inks is considered non-hazardous. Concern arises when people write on their skin frequently with permanent ink, or with inks that have certain coloring agents. If one is writing on skin on purpose, then using skin paint or skin ink is a far better choice, although even water-based inks may cause some skin irritation for some people.

OK, but I like this comment on that post:

ACTUALLY, 164679, you are correct that we ingest through our mouths; however, our skin does have the capability to absorb. No, you do not absorb water from washing your hands because the exposure is too short. However, if you have ever sat in a bathtub and experienced "wrinkly skin" you know that our "barrier" skin can easily be bypassed. 

To use similar syntax: How do you think lotions work? They are absorbed through your skin through pores (tiny holes in your skin).  Or, why do you think one should not touch infected blood or other body fluids? Same answer. 

Writing on your hand occasionally is not a problem, but as a high school teacher, I can tell you the problem is much worse. I have students entering my class after lunch with "sleeves" in permanent marker because it lasts longer. And again, the longer it stays on the skin, the more likely it will be absorbed.

What! I've never heard of amateur tattooing (not like this):

People can cause damage to their skin however, by cutting the skin and then writing on skin with a permanent marker. This is a type of amateur tattooing that can be very difficult to get rid of and may cause skin irritation and infection. Usually, if this occurs, one must see a doctor in order to get rid of the marking and treat infections.

Are you an inker?  Do you find yourself using your skin like a Post-It®?