Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"Are you scared?" "Yes. Sh*tless." | Smell Good Spa™

Talk to yourself much?  Yes, I do - I like talking to insightful people.  Funny how it's yourself that can shine light (constantly) on exactly who you are and what you are made of.  The post title is a conversation between me and myself, last December....

Today I have the opportunity to walk through a door that has opened for me.  

Working with the assumption that a certain place in life is owed to you; that arrogant, prideful swell in the chest that says, "You deserve it more than ____", is an ungrateful manner of being.  Years ago, until I set out on my journey to get right (#2),  I operated in that ungrateful manner.  Until myself said, look at you - do you really believe that anything good can come from this state of being? You haven't put in the work.  You need to focus on personal evolvement, purposely and consciously put it into your business, allow it to flow out onto your family and others...see what happens.  Because what you believe you want will not happen until...... mind and heart focused on purpose.  Not money.  Not granduer.  And certainly not, "I don't care what people think about me", because in actuality (talking to you too, woman entrepreneur), when you operate from that place of insecurity you do care about what others are thinking, you are just fighting to stay in your comfort zone. 

I grew weary, but never took the option to quit.  The more fight than flight encourage me to put in the work.  

Today is the beginning of me doing several interviews for broadcast radio.  Yay!  I was completely focused on steadily building my personal and business foundation that I didn't see it coming.  Who would of thought?!  I did. What you want isn't always what you get when you think you're ready or deserve it.  What you need comes to you when you are ready.  I knew you could prove it to yourself, Itiel.  Besides, who knows you better than me. -Myself

Life happens when you come out of your comfort zone to heal, to grow, to evolve.

Am I scared?  Sh*tless.  And I am so ready for it.


What comfort zones have you stepped out of lately?  Share.  Let's celebrate together.