Friday, August 3, 2012

The 1,2 Punch With Palm Oil :: What's In It? Series

According to the American Palm Oil Council, palm oil has been consumed for over 5000 years. Its health benefits are numerous, and additional benefits continue to be discovered. It is now a leading crop, and according to Dr. Betty Kamen, PhD, palm oil is the second most common vegetable oil produced worldwide. Some benefits are particular to the hair and skin, however. Sadie Bell-

One morning I woke up to a very dark spot on the bridge of my nose.  I didn't even see this thing forming, it just appeared!  I immediately started giving more attention to that spot - giving extra TLC with my Palm Oil Soap.  With two daily applications, I started seeing that dark unwanted-resident-squatter-visitor fade away, and in two weeks*... POOF...gone.

Why we use it:

  • With my knowledge of the superb, skin benefits of palm oil,  I knew it would give me fast results.  Palm oil is the most potent form of vitamin E.  Tocopherol, the common form of vitamin E, has been used to treat many skin ailments, for centuries.  It is found in many anti-aging products, and is a strong antioxidant that helps the skin to fight free radicals that damage the skin and cause fine lines and wrinkles.  So how is palm oil more potent than that?  Toctrienols.  Hard to find, but palm oil has them.  Unlike vitamin E, palm oil not only fights, it prevents skin damage from the door.  Toctrienols can gift your skin with healing and protection, by deeply penetrating the skin's layers and working from the bottom up.   
  • When saponified in soap, palm oil effectively removes dirt and oil, and it restores the natural oils to the skin. Cleansing agents with palm oil provide deep moisturizing properties, leaving skin soft and supple. 

Many have witnessed the tremendous benefits of our Palm Oil Soap

Palm oil is also blended in these recipes Body Spreads, Alaea Sea Salt Polish, Mojito Sugar Smoother, Sweet Raw Sugar Honey Polish, Lush Body Butter, Marinade, and King Moisture Spray

*To allow complete fading of the dark spot, I would apply concealer when heading out into the sun. Sun exposure would have continued to fuel the hyper-pigmented area.