Monday, August 27, 2012

Skin Tips For Your College Freshman_Bath & Body | Smell Good Spa™

There she goes... off to new beginnings; new surroundings; excitement; apprehension; soul searching; new friends; term papers; late night study groups; par-teys! (You know she's going to go to at least one.)  Although, you can't be there for every ebb and flow, remind her of the importance of personal girl time.  Her in-dorm spa time is the best time for reflecting, making sound decisions, and light-bulb moments.  The care she gives to her skin, may also encourage her to be mindful of consuming too many of those bottomless pizzas and sodas, at those late night study groups.

Share these time-saving bath & body care tips with your busy college freshman:

  • Cleanse & Exfoliate- She can knock dirt and dead skin cells out in one round!  Using a sulfate-free, foamy sugar scrub will do the trick.  A sulfate-free cleanser will not dry out her skin; sugar is gentle enough to remove the dead skin cells, and exfoliating will help maintain an even skin tone.  Plus, foamy + sugar = FUN & Giggles. 
  • Moisturize- Dry Skin 101 is not one of her electives.  One application of a wholesome lotion will keep your freshman's skin hydrated and looking healthy, all day.   Because of the water content, any lotion will counter dryness, however, you want her skin to remain hydrated.  Moisturizers with rich emollients (raw butters; natural oils) and humectants (glycerin; castor oil) will seal in the moisture (water), revealing soft, supple skin.  
  • Fun Aromatherapy- After a day of challenging classes, returning to an olfactory-friendly dorm room is just what she needs.  CAUTION! Spraying her room and linens with aromatic sweetness: may inspire turn-the-music-up and singing-in-the-hairbrush moments - dancing the stress away; can help your freshman to mellow out while working on assignments; and conjure up sweet dreams.

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