Friday, April 27, 2012

Her ROCK Journey | Smell Good Spa™

ROCKS >>  A girl who is learning that she is enough.  A girl who is learning to use her power for good and not evil.   A girl who esteems other girls.   A girl who is learning the big difference between needs and NEEDY.  A girl who makes mistakes, but isn't afraid to make a Way.

All those and more, to help her on her journey to becoming a whole woman.  Her ROCK Journey.

I am a mommy to girls.  Empowering my daughters is not a part-time kind of thing.  In fact, empowering words were spoken to my children while they were in my womb.  Although the words are self-esteem and self-worth, it really is the mission of the parents to help that child understand SELF.

I created the Stay Sweet Power Scents to help mommies (and daddies), as they encourage their daughter(s) on the journey of self-awareness.  I've received heartfelt messages from mothers, telling me that after having a bad day at school, their daughters come home to read the affirmations on the Stay Sweet products, and are reassured about who they are.  I must admit, I feel extra special when the Warrior Princesses hug me in the morning, and I can smell the Power Scents.  They make it a part of their morning routine: soap & water, toothpaste, Power Scents.... LOL.  I think that's pretty cool.  

Thank you for welcoming my products into your home - to inspire, motivate, encourage, and uplift your daughter, niece, granddaughter, and the little girl next door.