Monday, April 16, 2012

2 Solutions for Repairing Dry & Discolored Elbows and Knees | Smell Good Spa™

Two weeks ago, in the Hyper-Pigmentation post, I mentioned that the increase of melanin in my skin is a gem, because of the extended protection from the sun, and its ability to slow down the process of skin aging.  Well I'm certainly not taking that for granted.  Two areas that I give extra care to are my elbows and knees. When I was a young child and teenager, I remember admiring my mother's legs--so beautiful and fit.  She is now in her 60's, and I am still admiring them.  Her youthful knees look so good in a pair of shorts.

Skin on elbows and knees naturally tend to be dry, due to the lack of oil glands in those areas.  Being used more than other body parts, daily, the elbows and knees become flaky, chapped, rough and scaly.  With the warm weather gracing you with its presence, make sure your elbows and knees are making a healthy appearance.


Dry and discolored skin on elbows and knees, can usually be repaired with these two solutions:

  • Exfoliate- Help your body regenerate healthy skin by gently removing dead skin cells.  Do this 2-3 times a week. 
  • Moisturize- If you are using a body polish in step #1, then you are already sealing in moisture.  However, your elbows and knees will not object to more TLC.   Moisturizing right after a bath or shower is best (45-minute window).   Remember, when you are giving that bit of TLC to your hands, feet, and neck at bedtime, give love to your knees and elbows, too. 
If dry, rough elbows and knees are a problem for you, try the tips above.  You will notice a difference.  

Don't have those problems?  Good.  Add the tips above to your bath & body regimen, and continue to have healthy looking elbows and knees. 

Be Whole,