Friday, December 30, 2011

Ci-CLo-METH-e-CONE :: What's In It? Series

Cyclomethicone is a silicon-based oil that is a "carrier" for fragrance and essential oils.  Its purpose is to  carry scented oils and natural oils in bath and body products.  It is a clear, odorless silicone that delivers a non-greasy, silky, smooth feeling to the skin.  How does that work?  The chemistry of Cyclomethicone allows it to evaporate quickly off of the skin.

Cyclomethicone is known as an unmodified silicon: Unmodified silicones stay on or near the surface of the skin. Not only are the molecules too big to physically enter past the upper living cells, they associate with the upper layer of drying skin but they also cannot penetrate cell membranes due to their large size.

Why we love this "dry-oil" silicone:
  1. Decreases "slip" in products that are abundant in oil, that are used in the tub/shower.
  2. Adds a luxurious feel (glide) to after-bath and massage oils.  
  3. Leaves no oily feeling.
  4. Incredibly versatile (can be used in many formulations).
  5. A little goes a looooong way.

How much do we use in our products?   The percentage of Cyclomethicone used in our products is anywhere from .5% to 1%.  See #5.  I still scratch my head when I see a product label with Cyclomethicone as the first ingredient.  That's over 50% of the product!  Cyclomethicone is listed as the last ingredient on our label.  Such a small amount that if a customer did not want to experience points 1, 2, or 3, they can request to have it omitted. 

Cyclomethicone can be found in Lush Body Butter; Mojito, Matcha, Tantouchthis spreads; Pure Body Balm, Marinade;King Moisture Spray;Alaea Sea Salt Polish;Mojito Sugar Smoother;Sweet Raw Sugar Honey Polish; Rub Down;DECADENCE Layered Sugar Scrubs;Patriarch oil.

Have you read about the other ingredients in the What's In It? series?  Are you being informed by this series?  Have you seen an ingredient on any of our product labels and want to know more about it, by having it highlighted on our blog?  Let us know in the comments.

To your skin health!