Monday, December 26, 2011

Calling All Herbivores :: What's In It? Series

Hailing from the Kingdom of Castile (b.k.a Spain), for herbivores and environmentally conscious folks....Castile Soap!

"This soap is said to be named for the Kingdom of Castile, a region in what is now known as Spain. Evidence seems to suggest thatcastile soap actually originated in Northern Italy, and spread outwards from there, although this soap is so ancient that it is a bit difficult to pin down the precise details of its history. In Castile, the soap was made with olive oil only, and some people differentiate between capitalized Castile soap, made with olive oil, and lower case castile soap, made with other vegetable oils."

Why we love this wholesome commodity:

  1. Makes our hair oh-so soft when used as a shampoo.  You can even skip the conditioner!
  2. Chemical free!
  3. Family friendly--the entire family!
  4. Fights cell degeneration (antioxidant)!
  5. Beneficial for sensitive, mature, and normal to dry skin!
  6. Sudsy!

Characteristics of liquid Castile soap:

By the fat being vegetable and not from the four-legged persuasion, liquid Castile soap is "loose".  But it delivers a great amount of lather.  Using the proper bath tool, such as a bath puff or natural fiber sponge, makes a small amount increase its suds power. 

Liquid Castile soap can be found in our wholesome Organic Love Body Wash & Organic Love Body Wash for him.