Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Regimen For Hands-On Care

A Regimen For Hands-On Care

Submitted by Sharonda Crome
Uzuri Designs & Lifestyle

One beauty spot that is often overlooked is our hands. It is our hands that care for sick loved ones. They create sustainable lives for families and yet they are greatly ignored.
Writing, creating, and touching are the very things that facilitate beauty in this world, yet they go on neglected, even as we go about pampering the rest of our bodies.

Our “divine tool” as Aristotle described, needs a little extra special attention just like the skin on our face. The same basic principles apply, but different products are used for extra dry skin as well as an occasional manicure.

1. Cleanse- washing with gentle, preferably natural soap or hand wash fortified with shea butter or skin loving oils.
2. Exfoliate- Exfoliate once or twice per week with a sugar scrub fortified with skin loving oils.
3. Moisturize-Twice per day and always after dishwashing and washing your hands, apply moisturizer. Dry, cracked, or chapped hands are uncomfortable and are susceptible to infection. To help relieve more extreme cases, you can use a skin loving oil such as almond oil or and enriched custard style lotion, preferably natural. Massage into your hands and at bedtime, cover your hands with cotton gloves.
4. Protect-Wear gloves when cleaning with harsh detergents or gardening

Using the following hand care regimen will surely give you soft and supple hands that would feel good to the ones receiving your loving touch.

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