Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Moving Young Ladies Forward

The Smell Goods Team would like to thank all of you who stepped up to support Moving Young Ladies Forward (MYLF)! We are giving you a virtual high five right now!

For those of you who have the will to support, it is not too late. We are in the last month of featuring MYLF. Purchase a Stay Sweet Sugar Whip (16 oz) today and donate 40% to MYLF!

About MYLF and its founder:

Courtney Franklin serves as CEO & Founder of Moving Young Ladies Forward (“MYLF”), an Empowerment firm located in Philadelphia, PA. The mission of MYLF is to create positive change in the lives of teenage girls and teenage mothers, helping them to overcome personal barriers and reach their full potential. Ms. Franklin and her team accomplish this mission through motivational talks and speeches, and one on one and group coaching to both parents and teens who may need assistance navigating their way through the challenging period of adolescence.

Ms. Franklin strives to infuse her clients with a renewed sense of self-esteem that will help them to change their thought patterns and begin a path to greatness. Her approach is based in the strengths perspective, helping her audience to look inside themselves and see what they have to offer the world. Ms. Franklin believes that everyone, regardless of their backgrounds or personal experiences, has the power to make lasting positive changes in their lives; and her empowerment-based message inspires her audience to create and achieve their goals.

Moving Young Ladies Forward website

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