Friday, November 21, 2008

"Utter and Let Your Voice Be Heard."

Hey, are you using Utterli? I think you should, especially if you are doing any type of social networking. I always tell myself that I will not join another social networking site... One of the features of Utterli is Audio, and I like that because now I can create a more personal touch with my customers that have never met me and with my blog readers! Just recently a customer listened to an utter and commented on not saying my name correctly, but now she has it down pack. ;O) Utterli is also in the business of helping you save time and effort. No more copying and pasting text from one social network to the next. Simply Cross-Post your information and thoughts to Twitter, Facebook, blog, and more. Or grab a Widget and post it to your blog (to the right), MySpace, or wherever you like.

Utterli is a great tool! Maybe this is the last social networking site that I will join.......

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  1. Wow I! Just put me on blast! Lol. Sounds cool...gonna check it out.

  2. LOL. See, nobody knew it was you.


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