Friday, March 28, 2014

A Dope Ode to ManCave Incense | Smell Good Spa™

In April, our male VIPs got the first sniff of ManCave Incense, before this week's launch. From the feedback we received, one reigned supreme, like Eric B.'s and Rakim's "Paid In Full".  Creativity inspires creativity; I imagine that the creative spark in (MC) Derrick ignited from the first sniff, in the same way it did within me while developing this product, last year.  My smile went from ear-to-ear, because he got it!  He got the heart and soul and thoughts - the depth of my being that goes into creating an experience, not just a product.

I am going to share Derrick's dope, poetic flow with you, but first let me just share something about this wordsmith.  Like many of us, life has thrown some pretty hard curve balls at Derrick, but nothing has he hasn't limited himself.  He revolts against his physical challenges to share the words that burn deep within his soul; His creative energy flows through words like a knife cuts through warm butter.  Be inspired by this, and remember...the revolution is within You. 

A Dope Ode to ManCave Incense

To all the fellows
~who wanna keep their spot mellow
~Forget the roses & daises, "Hello!" You know!
~Because the Mancave is not a meadow
~Not to dismiss the Mrs. or Miss
~Give me your kiss & know I choose the dish from the SG menu, a proper Checklist

~So the list is the dish along with your kiss
~Now behave 'cause your man doesn't need the Mrs. or Miss to be dismissed
~But, "No Potpourri!" this is just for me, you see
~Designed for the He not She but she can enjoy all this He like A. B.aby, C.ompletely, D.efinitely, E.ffectively, F.ully,, it's just for us, Hee Hee
~Now for the collection of the selection, count 'em off
~1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, ah, there's 7

~There's Bounty, na, you won't be arrested in your county
~X3, not the car but a scent that is truly magnificent
~@TheRest, one of the best I must confess, so worthy of all the press
~Then there's Oak, yeah, no joke, a most enjoyable smoke
~This "Timber!" definitively "sniff," smells like a winner
~Arganese, Gold Strike, do you know these brands? Well, add Smell Goods as they've created their own Cigar, man!
~Do you smell it, can you sniff it, it, has it finally come? Indeed, it has, here it is, welcome the Kingdom
~And no matter the moment nor how you choose to unwind, when you need to relax, blow the whistle, it's Half-Time

~So there you have it, 7 new aromatics that will become automatic, such a (sniff, sniff) lovely habit
~For the 100% man who is or desires to be, a caring, loving daddy, ignore the words of this society
~Enjoy the dance of your romance as its fragrance takes its stance, in all kinds weather, this is love enhanced
~And with a knock knock, the fellas arrive at your door
~Pick up your controller, get ready to play, avenge that loss, time to even up the score

~So no matter the day, the time, when it's your place, mark your space and do it right, the 
Smell Goods way~
©Derrick T.T., 2014


Check out our super dope ManCave Incense video!  Leave a comment letting us know what you think. Thanks!

And for extra dopeness: ManCave Incense are now available at the introductory price of only $6.

"But wait, I don't know about anyone else.  I'm still stuck on Derrick being a VIP and getting the first sniff.  Where they do that at?!"  They do that right here