Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My 3 Fun-in-the-Sun Products | Smell Good Spa™

With all the talk and questions about brown skin people needing sunblock or not,  I want to share my three favorite sun-protection products with you.  Although these products are not a substitute for sunblock/sunscreen, they are excellent as a protective barrier between the sun and healthy skin. Those who suffer from inflamed skin (eczema) can also find comfort using these products. As I mentioned earlier, I don't use sunblock on a daily basis.  These products are my go-to for outings, and my pre-sun care before applying sunblock when at the beach.

For the remainder of the month, grab my favorites at a 20% discount.  Brown skin lady (in my Mos Def Yasiin Bay voice), these products are formulated with you in mind. Plus, you can make them smell as good as you like, customizing with any Signature Fragrance Oil.

  • 1st Fav: Marinade - A liquid shea formula that can prevent hyper-pigmentation and aids in the fading away of hyper-pigmented spots.  It's silky smooth and non-greasy. Grab It Here

  • 2nd Fav: Tantouchthis Spread - The name alone speaks for itself.  Think of it as a browning oil in butter form.  A product high in vitamin C, delivering sun kisses for bronzy skin, while preventing hyper-pigmentation.  Oh, yeeeeah.  Grab It Here

  • 3rd Fav: Whip Cream Body Lotion - Abundant in aloe vera and shea butter for epidermal comfort. Making it a perfect after-sun product. Grab It Here

Remember, this special offer ends 5/31/2013, 11:59p EST.

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