Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Winning the Battle Against Pubescent Odor | Smell Good Spa™

Ack! *Cough* Eww! "What is that smell?!!!"

Moms, remember that day She busted through the door, coming in from playing outside?  An unfamiliar odor passed in front of your nose, but you hunched your shoulders and thought: it stinks, but maybe it's nothing - she'll wash up.  Don't get tricked.  Puberty is here and it's live & direct.  "What happened to my sweet smelling child, the one that could wear those same play-clothes for 3 days straight before they hit the laundry?!" She's still there.  Instructions on how to manage hygiene and grabbing fresh play-clothes, daily, will get you both through.

I remember my moment with the Warrior Princesses!  It wasn't a pretty thing.  My daughters are athletic too, so you KNOW.... When the WPs were toddlers/young children, I taught them how to manage their hygiene.  Teaching them that good hygiene is one of the cues to having self-respect.  We talked about what puberty is, why it is, and that it was just waiting for its moment.  Along with my friendly-reminders - remember to give more attention to that area - I'm glad we have the right arsenal, deodorant and effective body care,  to help us through this battle.  Our cuddle time is still pleasant. :o)

Winning the war by annihilating pubescent odor, would be going against nature, and actually I embrace my daughters' healthy transitions.  For now, I'll settle for winning the battle.

Moms, what are you doing to win the battle against pubescent odor?