Thursday, November 1, 2012

How to Have a FUNK-Free Home | Smell Goods '98™

It's that time of year again--friends and family coming & going (possibly staying for awhile).  So how can you  create a safe environment, showoff your exquisite taste, and have everyone saying, "Mmmmm"?  You know we got you, right?

Introducing, Sunset!  Isn't she a beaut?  But just like you and me, she's more than just great looks (wink).  Presently, we have the aroma lamp plugged into our downstairs bathroom, and the fragrance throw is fabulous.

In our bathroom.  The purple wall and the lamp's hue complement each other nicely.

Introducing Sunset Aroma Lamp - Named after its beautiful hue and design. 

A safe, clean and healthy way to enjoy Signature Fragrance Oils and Green Tea Medley Melts
This aroma lamp is designed to create an aromatic and relaxing atmosphere while eliminating the use of flame.   

Visit here to learn more about Sunset's features. 

Are fragrance lamps a part of your home decor?