Monday, September 24, 2012

3 Olfactory Methods for Your Home this Autumn | Smell Good Spa™

Aromatic incense smoke dancing before my eyes, the sweet throw of fragrance sailing beneath my nose - harmonizing with the fragrant air of transition.  Welcome to autumn.

The first sign of mild temperatures and a lingering breeze, always prompts me to open up the windows.  Fragrance abounds in my home, but there's something special about the autumn air catching a scent and carrying it from downstairs to upstairs; room to room.  My mind, heart and soul feel a heighten sense of peace, joy and "welcome".  Experience that.  

Try one or all three, wholesome methods to aromatically welcome autumn into your home.  

  1. Signature Fragrance Oil- Use this Di-Propylene Glycol (DPG)-free and alcohol-free product in an oil burner.  Place the oil burner in one location, the fragrance will travel to the adjacent rooms.  Inhale.  Enjoy.  Relax. 
  2. Signature Hand-Dipped Incense- Dipped in our concentrated, signature fragrances, hand-dipped incense are perfect olfactory bliss for the entire home.  One stick can do that -- 11" for 1 hour of pure pleasure, and a lasting, sweet after-burn. Or 19" for 3 hours of the same enjoyment.  Inhale.  Enjoy.  Relax. 
  3. Green Tea Medley Melts or Indonesia Melts - Soy Melts are best for scenting more intimate areas. Use to fragrant the guest-bathroom and bedroom.  Soy wax infused with our concentrated, signature fragrances.  Inhale.  Enjoy.  Relax. 

Need recommendations for autumn scents?  It'll be my pleasure.
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