Friday, February 24, 2012

"Itiel, What happened at the Q&A Hour?" Screenshot Update

I had the best time, last night!

Last night, I  had my first Q&A Hour, but it certainly will not be my last.  I am so glad I took that tip from one of my favorite women entrepreneurs, Tamyka Lee Washington.  Engage your audience.  If you are a woman entrepreneur that has a retail business (I  know... any business, but I think especially retail.), that is beneficial advice to take.  If potential customers do not know you (or about you via broad media channels), they will not buy from you, they will not become kinetic customers.  It's just that simple.

Sorry if you missed the Q&A Hour.   Check out these screenshots:

:o))) Love it!

First Question

Pre-Q&A Question

Shared Family Vid

Got this great question: What piece of advice are you glad you never took for your business?

I love answering this question:


Trick Questions (LOL)

Fan Interaction (Love it!)

Personal Questions

Favorite Comment

There was so much love during that hour, actually, we went over 43 minutes!

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