Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Caste. Do You Caste??????? Let's Caste Together. xo

My desire is to inspire women in business, to aspire to be the best that they can, in all aspects of their lives. ~Itiel

In the year of 1974 I was born to caste light.  I was an "old soul", and my grandmother never missed a second to highlight my "light casting soul" (encouraging me to see the difference between me and my peers).  'You were born with a veil over your face.' Never really knew if that meant anything, but I knew deep within that something was there (a weird feeling to handle as a youth).  I did allow my light to diminish some; Not really caring about aligning myself with any woman, because I could no longer see me, in the darkness.  Over a decade and half ago I realized that I wanted what was there as a youth.  So I purposely started casting light again, and never looked back.  I purposely plant my feet on the floor each morning desiring to let my light shine.  I want my light to go around corners, reach over mountain tops, and roll down into valleys.  Even more, I want my light and your light to caste together-to shine together.  Are you a LightCaster?

Did you read that?  Align 1000 Women with the Resources to Live Their Ideal Lives.  Is that you?  I cannot totally express how amazing I think Akilah S. Richards is, for putting this project into action.  The url is even powerful:  Are you a LightCaster?

Akilah provokes your mind by giving you 77 reasons why you should care about this project.  I tell you, after reading those 77 I was wanting to get up, put one hand on my hip, one hand in the air with fingers spread waving like a fan, turn around in a circle moving hips, singing lu-lu-lu-lu-lu.  These are some of the reasons that resonate with me: 

3. gratitude opens doors, and giving opens hearts
8. girls are depending on you to help validate their suspicions
9. your LIFE is better when it matches your TRUTH
11. your creativity can’t lead you if it’s shadowed by your fear
15. your efforts will inspire someone else to do something incredible
20. if you don’t stand up and decide to face your best life, it may just die inside you
26. no one will make it happen FOR you
32. positive thinking ISN’T enough

Chills and rejoicing all in one, right?  If I were to share all the reasons that got me going, there would be no reason for you to find your own.  Continue to read why should you care.  Are you a LightCaster?

There is a call-to-action with this project.  Nothing difficult or that needs to be forced.  This project only needs your compulsive lighting disorder self.  Who knows, maybe you and I will be casting light together.

For the next 365 days Akilah will be sharing her personal feelings about this project.  Subscribe to Her Light Is On youtube channel.  I've already watched a couple of the videos, and I can honestly say that I too have those feelings.  

Are you a LightCaster?

SHUT UP and Do! ~Itiel
There are several people who can be dishonest with me. I refuse to be one of them. ~Itiel