Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why Scrub A Dub Sea Salt Polish?

What is it?:Scrub A Dub Sea Salt Polish brings pure salt crystals and pure plant oils together in perfect harmony. We have created a great balance-- skin-friendly, fine salt crystals, just the right amount of effective oil for moisturized skin, fast absorbing oils for a greaseless, luxurious feel. Superb for banishing dead skin, hydrating the skin, conditioning the skin, and making you smell good.

  • Atlantic Salt and exotic Alaea- Alaea is a salt harvested from the waters and volcanos in Hawaii. Pull toxins out of skin, soothes muscles, restores minerals beneficial to skin, and eat up dead skin cells.
  • Six(6) Plant Oils- Organic, minimally refined, 100% pure, food grade, and unrefined. Protecting skin against harsh environmental conditions. Treating dry, mature skin. Reducing inflammation of skin and joints. High in vitamin E, omega 6 (fatty acids), and antioxidants. Humectant for sealing in moisture. Restoring minerals beneficial to skin.

Scrub A Dub Sea Salt Polish