Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sharing Smell Goods' Brochure

Who was I kidding, when I said that I would share the brochure last week? Last week was very busy, but ta-da, this is the brochure that I am very proud of. With other things going on with the business, and getting the details just right, it took some time for me to design the brochure. I got them printed up for free! Gotta love Vista Print.

Did you know depending on the browser that you use, Vista Print has a free page and a full price page? Yeah, I discovered that one day. When I uploaded in Safari, the products were free or discounted. Went over to Mozilla, full price. But wait, another discovery! Sometimes Safari will not have free products either, but Vista still has free or discounted product. You can only get to these products via special links. I found this and this. Maybe these links can benefit you. Happy marketing!!!