Wednesday, December 17, 2008

B. Beautiful Mind Body Spirit

This is Smell Goods' latest product review from B. beautiful mind, body, spirit!

Whether slathering on lotions, body moisturizer or butters, it’s all in the effort to find the ultimate product. The one that will be the end all, be all, product for beautiful radiant skin. That is only if you are not a “Product Junkie,” like so many of us self proclaimed, “Girly-girls tend to be. There is something alluring about that next wonder product, promising to take all your cares away, that always beckons us to at least give it a try. In my line of business this is not only what I enjoy doing (being on the constant hunt for little known beauty products) but I really am excited and pleasantly surprised when I do find that product produces what it’s promised.

Well ladies I had the pleasure of reviewing products that did just that, I'm talking about made good on what it promised and more. These products are infused with African inspired fragrances, with a focus on natural ingredience formulated to give your skin plenty of moisture, without the greasy feel. These products I reviewed, leave you body feeling well taken care of. Through the years I have not had been able to consistantly find body care products that have great scents along with the balance of all day moisture. It definitely seems to be an art that everyone does not possess in the industry. So for a up and coming company to have gotten two of the most important categories nailed (1. true moisture 2. long lasting, great fragrances), early in business is a definite plus. Continue with the review here.