Monday, November 24, 2008

Join in on the Olfactory Giveaway!

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On to the fun...

Football season is in full throttle. Is your head in the game? Here at the Smell Goods '98™ camp our heads are in the game (when we are not working)!


Share your favorite football team with us, and be entered into our monthly Olfactory Giveaway! Send your answer to smellgoods(at)smellgoodspa(dot)com. Drawing is Wednesday, 11/26/08.


Ladies- 1/2 oz ($8.00 value) Signature fragrance oil blend Snooze.

Fellas- 1/2 oz ($8.00 value) Signature fragrance oil blend Urban Sky.

Signature fragrance oil blends can be used on the body, in oil burners, and in oil diffusers.


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