Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Every now and then it is good to refresh your mind and heart with your objectives. In this world of "more money,more money more money", "consume more, consume more, consume more", one's mind can get caught up in the madness of it all. Sure, I enjoy making money like the next person, but I don't want to get caught up in the life of making money, to make more money, to make more money, that I forget about why I started this business and why I enjoy doing what I am doing.

The objective of being my own boss and creating products was not and is not to have my items in large stores. To me that takes away the nostalgic aspect and it takes away the personal one-on-one (which I enjoy). It also can bring more pain than joy (just observation). I love exclusivity! A specialty store/____ (cannot disclosed) in target areas, and a much larger project is what I am (we are) working towards. I may not get to see the fulfillment of the larger project, but I am grooming my children in this business, and hopefully they will see it through. I know that may sound gloomy, but that is the reality of really growing a business. It can take many years to get a business to its final destination.

The objective of being my own boss and creating products was not and is not to have money bursting out of my seams. If you can create a business that can take care of your basic living (food, shelter, travel, bills) without worrying about living, that can help you help someone else, that can produce an inheritance for your children, that lays a monetary foundation for your children so that they can achieve their dreams, then you have build a successful business.

I look around and every now and then in this big business world, I see a family owned business that has grown over the years. They might not be known by millions of people, but they are still so successful and their product is loved by many. They may not be suffering in a slowing economy, because they never went beyond their means. I know this system tells us, "Don't worry with how much you consume, you can work work work to pay it off." If you haven't realized it, that is a dumb way to live.

I believe the beauty in owning your business is doing what you love and becoming financially strong so that you can enjoy life.

As I close down for a few days, I will be reflecting on my objectives and enjoying my life and the life around me (husband, children).