Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Changing. Growing. Success. Manifestation. Maintaining.

Five years ago I would not have thought that I would wake up at 7 am to process orders. Five years ago I would not have thought that my inbox would overflow with orders daily. Five years ago I would not have thought that my products would be in the homes of people from all walks of life. Yes, only five short (seemed far away back then) years ago, I desired to have more for my business, I knew the growth would come, but did not know exactly when. In April, Smell Goods celebrated its 10th year of being in business. With the doors being opened from The Most High, my will, my dedication, my love for creating, my know how, my loyal customers, with consumers willing to give the product a try, and my family, Smell Goods has gotten to this successful place.

Change is inevitable. Change can be a wonderful thing when balanced, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Change cannot be forced. All one can do is what is humanly possible, to maintain a positive journey, to work hard and smart, to think positive, to pick themselves up when they have fallen, and to enjoy the process as change is taking place. Personally, at times those things were a struggle for me. I wanted business to always be consistent. I wanted support from those that I supported, I found myself comparing what I was doing with others, I was not enjoying the process! Then one day back then, I made a decision, with my husband's help, to enjoy the process. Once I did that everything within me became stronger and more secure. I became more personable and more of an encourager to other women that had the same roles as I. This positive change started to overflow into my business, and believe it or not that is when the success and growth escalated. All the things positive that I knew could happen were coming into manifestation.

With change, growth, and success, comes a shift in the matrix. Maintaining a solid family foundation and excellent health are two things that I have not wavered from. There is no use in building a business to its fullest potential, if one allows their family and health to fall by the wayside. I have found that eating properly, getting in weekly workouts, taking supplements (including immune boosters), having a set time to start and stop working (you can feel when your brain is shutting down), playing daily with my children, dating my husband, visiting all of my doctors annually, sharing time with others, and having get-a-ways, gives me that necessary stamina and confidence to move forward.