Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hey Mann, Lizz Wright

Lizz Wright's Latest Album- The Orchard
Hey Mann
Hey mann, Whatcha doing here? I don't remember letting you in.
Hey mann,
How'd you get in here?
You're in my heart without consent.
I always took pride in my self control, To my heart only I had the key.
But something's gone wrong
in my radar screen.
You slipped by
and you captured me.
I done all I could to keep my head clear, Logic tells me that this should never be, But there's no mistaken the shape I'm in,
Love has filled my every waking day.
Now here's the strangest thing, A day has come I thought I'd never see, I walk smiling in a light glow
and I'm calling out your name,
I've lost the battle,
and I'm quite well pleased