Thursday, January 24, 2013

Maximize Savings - "Ain't nothing change, Boo Boo." | Smell Good Spa™

Here's something to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. We are still committed to offering quality products at budget-friendly prices.  Did you feel the tingle? Quality products and budget-friendly prices are a rare duo these days, but more and more consumers, like you, are making a conscious effort to seek them out.  So, ladies, when it comes to keeping that beautiful skin conditioned, your body and your home smelling good; finding healthy products for your family, while on a budget, Smell Goods '98™ is here to serve you.

Have you started to maximize your savings with us?

  • Flash Sale- Every second Friday we offer 1/2 oz Signature Fragrance Oils at $2; Signature Hand-Dipped Incense at $3.  
  • VIP- We offer a bath and body perks program for women who are serious about living good, feeling good, and smelling good.  Plus, receive a free shipping bonus!
  • Mmmm News- Not yet a member of our email list?  What are you waiting for?  Receive newsletter-only offers and more.  Plus, you instantly receive $10 when you signup!  Use that $10 to grab some wholesome goodies.  Use the signup form to the right (easy peasy). 

Can it get any better? Yes. It. Can.

  • SMS- We've gone mobile!  Maximize, maximize, maximize..... Become a Preferred Customer when joining our text messaging list.  What's in it for you: additional offers (more savings), updates (never miss a flash sale or any other deal), mobile campaigns (fun, fun, fun, and only for Preferred Customers).  Plus, instantly receive $10 when you signup!  Use that $10 to grab wholesome goodies for a friend. 
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